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Restore Graphics was created out of a desire to expand and strengthen the kingdom of God.

In recent years, it seems many churches have experienced difficult seasons. During the process of healing and rebuilding, there's a special need for unity, clarity, and communication between church leadership and the members of a congregation.

A branding and web agency run by local believers is our effort to help meet that need.

Braden East


Braden and Natalie East are from Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and now have a homestead down the road in Nowata. Braden studied in the Warren M. Angell College of Fine Arts at Oklahoma Baptist University, where he received a Bachelor of Communications Studies, with distinction.

Before founding Restore Graphics, he worked in a lead design role at the Oklahoma Baptist Convention and later joined the creative team at The Voice of the Martyrs. His track record of successful projects for churches and parachurch ministries perfectly prepared him for the work God has called him to now.

The fundamental question behind Restore Graphics is this:

"What if professional branding and web could help church leaders reinforce the vision they're already casting?"

To answer this question, it would take collaboration of visionary pastors and award-winning Christian designers.

How Restore Graphics works:

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