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We help visionary leaders transform the brand identity of their church or ministry.

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Tired of your congregation not “getting” your vision?

As a pastor or elder, you probably have a God-given vision for the future of your church. Whether you're restoring broken trust or building upon a foundation that is already in place, you might have experienced the "deer in the headlights" look from church members or staff when sharing your vision for the future.

What if there was a way to show your church what you see so clearly?

Imagine your church being unified behind a common goal, working together as one body with with a shared purpose.

Some churches seem to have a strong grasp of their identity. They have invested in something that helps members understand the vision of their pastor, establishes them in their community, and glues their communications together.

With unity of purpose, these churches accomplish more and confuse less.

Align your church's mission and branding in just 1 month.

When you partner with Restore Graphics, we'll help you consolidate your brand, clarify your identity, and highlight the work God is doing in your church. Through the power of visual design, we'll show your congregation and your community the same powerful vision you see.

Our Primary Service

Rebrands & New Identity

Starting at $1200

We'll dive into the heart of your ministry's story to uncover its unique strengths and values. With this package, you're guaranteed a compelling brand identity that captures the essence of your church, resonating with both longstanding members and newcomers.

See examples of rebrands or click below to see if we'd be a good fit for your needs.

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Websites & Other Services

Limited availability

Say goodbye to spending hours tweaking cookie-cutter templates and keeping track of logins for design and website tools. Our Christian, award-winning designers will tailor a package of services to your needs.

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Restore Graphics not only captured the history of our church, but the unspoken feel of the church that made it home for our members.
Aaron Hembree
Heritage Church
For our rebrand, it was vital to have a fellow Christian as a design partner who took the time to understand who we are and what we are about. The value was off the charts.
Britton Buss
Heritage Church
Our experience with Restore Graphics could not have been better. Each phase of the branding process was executed with excellence.
Kevin Chartney
Lead Pastor,
First Baptist Muskogee

church transformations

Heritage Church
Unified branding for a unified church family.
Grace Presbyterian Church
For the Gospel of Grace.
First Baptist Muskogee
Be Disciples. Make Disciples.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a project take?

Most projects last between 1 month and 5 months, depending on your specific needs and availability to provide feedback along the way.

We'll be sure to ask about your timeline in the strategy call, so that we can build the project around your goals.

What if I don't like the logo?

Just like you, we're not a fan of surprises.

Before anything gets designed, we'll come on site to your church and get an in-depth understanding of where your brand will live. Then, we'll collaborate with you to design and tweak a moodboard that fits your church. Finally, we'll create several design options to match that moodboard.

At every step along the way, we'll keep you in the loop and make sure you are 100% satisfied.

Do you use templates or pre-made designs for logos?

No. Our process is designed to be fast and efficient, but not to be a one-size-fits-all solution or to cut corners. Each piece of your identity system is 100% yours and unique to your church.

We use our own template layouts for things like your brand guidelines book, which has a similar layout no matter what brand it depcts.

Help your church be of one spirit and one mind.

At Restore Graphics, our Christian perspective understands each church has a unique history, culture, and vision. Our combined 30 years of experience in the branding and creative industry allows us to choose the perfect approach for your congregation.

That's why we're the number one choice for churches and parachurch ministries with a kingdom mindset who are casting a new vision.

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We got an unbelievable design for our teen summer camp! I will definitely be a return customer.
Nick Williams
Restore Graphics is easy to work with and they deliver a great product for an affordable price.
Shane Pennington
Associate Pastor,
Hope Presbyterian Church
I would wholeheartedly commend Restore Graphics as a high-quality resource to any church with new leadership. Their designs pinpointed exactly who we were in the look and feel of our new church branding.
Wilson Van Hooser
Senior Pastor,
Grace Presbyterian Church

Start casting your vision with clarity today.

We only accept one new client per month, so reserve your spot by booking a call with Restore Graphics founder and creative director, Braden. Let's see if we would be a good fit to help you build trust and unity in your local body of Christ.

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