First Baptist Muskogee


Be Disciples. Make Disciples.

First Baptist Muskogee has a rich history of ways that God has moved and people have come together for the sake of the gospel in Muskogee, Oklahoma. The church has seen difficult and turbulent times in the last decade, leading to a congregation that is small and burdened, but with potential for restoration.

Casting a vision of restoration and growth

The church was growing and being restored to health, so leaders at First Baptist Muskogee were casting a vision and mission that was more clear and focused: Be disciples who make disciples.

Striking a balance

To support the new vision, First Baptist Muskogee wanted a visual identity that glued their messaging and ministry areas together. We explored dozens of logo and color options to land on a system that would cmmunicate some meaning on its own, without being busy or overstated.

The final identity gave the church a way to be cohesive, consistent, and versatile, with appeal to every generation in the church.

Supporting the vision

We worked together with leadership in the church to create a unique mark for each ministry. Shared graphic styles across the whole identity help emphasize the connectedness and future-oriented vision of the church as a whole.

Our experience with Restore Graphics could not have been better. Each phase of the branding process was executed with excellence.

Braden exceeded every expectation we had. Each phase of the branding process was executed with excellence. 5 stars only because there aren’t 6!

Kevin Chartney
Lead Pastor,
First Baptist Muskogee

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